Breccia Deja: marble as a silent force of nature


Breccias have been used for centuries in sculpture and architecture. For the Romans, brecciated marble was a valuable, cherished material that was incorporated in the façades of important public buildings.

Extracting the Breccia Deja is a journey full of surprises. Although the nature of the stone is already known, every layer reveals new treasures and unique forms.


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Origin and composition


Breccia Deja contains various sorts of stone from different eras, each of which contributes to the colour, appearance and characteristics of the marble.

Some fragments from the Deja Breccia took shape in a time when the dinosaurs still roamed the Earth.

The origin of the stone dates back to the early formation of the Alps, 130 million years ago. Several different geological processes preceded the formation of the Deja Breccia.

130 millions years of the history of stone can be seen in the lively and varied pattern of the Deja Breccia. The lithological diversity to be found in the neighbouring 130 million year old mountains is beautifully reflected in our marble.


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Stone processing


The appearance of stone is largely dependent on how it is processed.

Our mission is to perfectly prepare the stone for further use while preserving its inherent intensity.

Different moods can be created with the same base material by subduing the colour variations or instead accentuating them, making the surface rougher or smoother, and choosing a gloss or matte finish.

The characteristics of the stone and the intended application are key criteria for choosing the surface finish.

We finish Breccia Deja in five different ways, each with its own effect, depending on the intended result. Each type of finishing contributes to the feeling a project wants to radiate.


Brushed – wire-sawn – buffed – honed – sandblasted

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Breccia Deja is a very hard and wear-resistant marble, suitable for a wide range of applications and diverse styles.

Merging nature and culture in a strong architectural product creates timeless class. The forms and lines of the material give an added dimension to the architectural design of projects.

The rich colour palette makes Breccia Deja a versatile marble, suitable for combining with warm hues as well as greys, blacks and white. Combining it with metal or wood creates an interesting discourse between the materials.

This decorative stone is especially effective in a distinctive full façade cladding, but it can also be used for accent panels or tiles.

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breccia deja

A fascinating juxtaposition of materials and shapes

Breccia Deja

A splendid natural stone
with colours for all seasons
and every second of the day

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